Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Funny Spam Emails - new book on Amazon

New book alert! Funny Spam Emails takes the awkward, creepy, and surprisingly funny emails out of my spam folder and puts them front and center for you to laugh at, cringe at, and shake your head at. Funny Spam Emails is available on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #20

I'm inching closer to my 1,000 mile goal. I ran for 6.67 miles on Saturday (super cold and windy) and 3.68 miles on Sunday (slightly warmer). I am under 10 miles left for the year. See the picture of me below. That was on Saturday. I wore 3 pairs of socks, 4 pants, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 hats, and a face mask. Real feel temp was around 0 degrees. I was toasty after running a few laps, but then my sweaty face mask froze later.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 241
Distance: 990.60 miles
Total Time: 146h 39m 31s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.11 miles
Total Calories: 136,081
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:53 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 21
Miles Left in Year: 9.40 miles
Daily Average Needed: 0.45 miles

Friday, December 8, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #19

What a dismal turn of events. The weather immediately turned super cold and windy after my last running post, and I've been stymied. I was able to only get outside once, otherwise the bad temps and shrinking daylight have derailed me. I guess the silver lining is my left hip is healing up. My plan now is to go all-out on the weekends, no matter the weather. I have to utilize the only daylight I'll have access to. So, I'll try to do about a 5 miler both Saturday and Sunday for the next two weeks. I'll be testing my ability to run wearing no less than 3 pairs of socks, 4 pants, 5 shirts, hat, gloves, and face mask. I'm pretty sure if I fall down, someone will find me later in Spring.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 239
Distance: 980.26 miles
Total Time: 144h 49m 01s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.10 miles
Total Calories: 134,638
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:52 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 23
Miles Left in Year: 19.74 miles
Daily Average Needed: 0.86 miles

Monday, December 4, 2017

Stupid Random Tidbits - paperback book available on Amazon

Stupid Random Tidbits is available for sale on Amazon on Kindle and in Paperback.

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"If you get apprehended in a cemetery with a bag of body parts, remember to identify yourself as Igor, otherwise you will have no credibility with the police."


"If you find a treasure map with X-marks-the-spot, save yourself the trouble and throw that map away. The last thing you need is a sore back from all that digging."

Saturday, December 2, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #18

Well, it has come down to this. The last month. December is here. And surprisingly, the weather has been very generous lately. Mostly in upper 20s to mid 40s recently. I'll take that any day of the week when considering what it could be like in northern Wisconsin. The only injury I'm nursing is my left inner groin tendon and general hip area. Otherwise, I've been able to rest a day here and there to gradually heal up everything else. I'm gonna make it. 1,000 miles, here I come.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 238
Distance: 976.20 miles
Total Time: 144h 14m 49s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.10 miles
Total Calories: 134,079
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:52 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 29
Miles Left in Year: 23.80 miles
Daily Average Needed: 0.82 miles

Sunday, November 26, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #17

Strange, strange weather. It has been mostly sunny and mild (like upper-20s to mid-40s) for the last few days here in late November. Of course, I'm trying to take advantage of it, but with holiday parties, I've missed a few good days here and there. All-in-all, I'm still on pace to get to 1,000 miles this year. My left leg is doing okay, but the twangy pain has popped up once in awhile during my runs. Oh well, you only live once.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 235
Distance: 961.48 miles
Total Time: 141h 52m 04s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.09 miles
Total Calories: 132,045
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:51 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 35
Miles Left in Year: 38.52 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.10 miles

Friday, November 24, 2017

Simple Fruits book and You're My Baby book - released on Amazon

Looking for a colorful picture book to read to your youngsters or buy as a gift? Check out Simple Fruits and You're My Baby, both now available on Amazon in paperback.

Simple Fruits

You're My Baby


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The 12 Days of Fishing - Available Now on Amazon

The 12 Days of Fishing is for sale on Amazon in eBook and Paperback. A perfect gift for youngsters and oldsters alike who love fishing, singing, and Christmas.

Monday, November 20, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #16

I am making good progress in November. The snow has melted. The ground is rock hard. My left groin tendon almost came off yesterday, so I am dialing back my running speed and just trying to finish out the year with both legs still attached.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 231
Distance: 945.90 miles
Total Time: 139h 14m 32s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.09 miles
Total Calories: 129,944
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:50 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 41
Miles Left in Year: 54.10 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.32 miles

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #15

The cold wind isn't fun. The muddy gravel and sloppy snow make me sad. Only 70 miles to go, but I'm already wishing for spring and warmer days. Winter hasn't even started yet. Old Wisconsin, you've worn me down. You win. I want better running weather, please. I'll take a dry day, if you can manage it.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 227
Distance: 929.31 miles
Total Time: 136h 30m 20s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.09 miles
Total Calories: 127,711
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:49 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 46
Miles Left in Year: 70.69 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.54 miles

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mostly Death: A Short Story Collection - now on Amazon

Fascination with death and the afterlife is as old as mankind. Each of the stories in Mostly Death deals with men and women in compromising and unfair situations at the end of their lives. Do they go quietly into the night?

You can purchase on Amazon in eBook and Paperback.

This short story collection includes:

  • Carlos
  • Getting Home
  • Henry Sloan
  • Incubators
  • Just Listen to Me
  • Open Season 
  • The Lighthouse Ghost
  • You Know Me