Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The 12 Days of Fishing - Available Now on Amazon

The 12 Days of Fishing is for sale on Amazon in eBook and Paperback. A perfect gift for youngsters and oldsters alike who love fishing, singing, and Christmas.

Monday, November 20, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #16

I am making good progress in November. The snow has melted. The ground is rock hard. My left groin tendon almost came off yesterday, so I am dialing back my running speed and just trying to finish out the year with both legs still attached.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 231
Distance: 945.90 miles
Total Time: 139h 14m 32s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.09 miles
Total Calories: 129,944
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:50 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 41
Miles Left in Year: 54.10 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.32 miles

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #15

The cold wind isn't fun. The muddy gravel and sloppy snow make me sad. Only 70 miles to go, but I'm already wishing for spring and warmer days. Winter hasn't even started yet. Old Wisconsin, you've worn me down. You win. I want better running weather, please. I'll take a dry day, if you can manage it.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 227
Distance: 929.31 miles
Total Time: 136h 30m 20s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.09 miles
Total Calories: 127,711
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:49 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 46
Miles Left in Year: 70.69 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.54 miles

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mostly Death: A Short Story Collection - now on Amazon

Fascination with death and the afterlife is as old as mankind. Each of the stories in Mostly Death deals with men and women in compromising and unfair situations at the end of their lives. Do they go quietly into the night?

You can purchase on Amazon in eBook and Paperback.

This short story collection includes:

  • Carlos
  • Getting Home
  • Henry Sloan
  • Incubators
  • Just Listen to Me
  • Open Season 
  • The Lighthouse Ghost
  • You Know Me

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #14

Well, I'm below 90 miles at this point. I ran 5 miles today, because the ground was dry and the weather was cool and crisp. The forecast for the next few days is snow, ice, and cold. So, all I can do is take advantage of the good days. I don't think there will be many good running days left, but I still think I can get to my goal of 1,000 miles by December 31st.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 222
Distance: 910.24 miles
Total Time: 133h 14m 26s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.10 miles
Total Calories: 125,126
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:47 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 53
Miles Left in Year: 89.76 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.70 miles

Granny Gruesome: Nursery Rhymes to Terrify Children - now on Amazon

Everyone remembers the fabulous rhyming stories of old Mother Goose from their childhood, but did you know that she's kept a dark, haunting secret for many long years?

Mother Goose is not all she seems to be.

Oh, sure, during the daylight hours when the birds are singing and children are laughing, Mother Goose is friendly and wonderful and proper. But when the darkness falls and the coyote calls, that old goose turns into something much less lovable…much more sinister…forever known to the world as Granny Gruesome!

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

150 Story Ideas for Kids Who Love to Write - New Book Available on Amazon

Every story starts with a single idea, a spark that sets your imagination on fire. Sometimes you might yearn to tell a story but can't find that initial spark. Maybe you just need one fresh idea to coax that wimpy flicker into a roaring, magical blaze?

To that end, I’ve created a list of silly, funny, interesting, and crazy prompts that you can use to get your imagination burning. All you need to do is take one prompt (or throw a dozen together) and write down your notes and ideas in the space provided. I hope you have a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to read your stories!

150 Story Ideas for Kids Who Love to Write is available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook.

And if you need any more reasons, here's a very important fake review that I made up:

5-Star Review from Mrs. Ima N. Otreel from Anytown, USA: "Wow! Never before have so many great story ideas (there might possibly be 150 total, but I'm not sure and can't count that high) in one place for purchase. I'm inspired to start writing immediately. Or perhaps I will take a nap. That's the beauty of this wonderful book. It can help you do so many things."

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #13

Well, it is pretty when the snow is coming down for the first time this season, but it sure is a big bummer for me. No running tonight. And rain was so bad a few nights ago, I couldn't run that day either. So, I didn't make as much progress as I wanted to. I'm afraid I'm going to have to do most of my running damage on the weekends or holiday breaks. With the morning completely dark and only about 1 hour of light after work and other family obligations, my window of running opportunity is low. I'll have to take each day as it comes, and we'll see how it goes.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 216
Distance: 887.82 miles
Total Time: 129h 40m 44s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.11 miles
Total Calories: 122,068
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:46 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 60
Miles Left in Year: 112.18 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.87 miles

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Four Scary Stories for Kids - Buy for Halloween

Psst...hey you want to read some scary stories? You do? Well, that's just great, because I happen to have four beautifully wicked stories for you to check out late at night under your blankets when your parents have gone to sleep. Grab your flashlight and prepare yourself for a ghoulish treat.

Includes these scary stories:
  1. Beware the Blue Hubbard
  2. Camp Chin-up
  3. Here, Boy!
  4. Night at the Nursing Home

Thursday, October 26, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #12

Here comes the cold weather. And the rain. And the snow. I'm getting closer to my goal, though. Only 66 days left, and I have to stay focused on the prize. I can feel my determination slipping some days, like I want to be done with this. Like maybe I cannot make it 66 days more. But then I buck up, saddle up, pony up, and decide to just do it. It'll be over so soon anyway. And so it goes.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 213
Distance: 876.15 miles
Total Time: 127h 53m 51s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.11 miles
Total Calories: 120,456
Avg Speed: 6.9 mph
Avg Pace: 8:46 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 66
Miles Left in Year: 123.85 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.88 miles

Friday, October 20, 2017

1,000 Miles in 2017 - Goal Update #11

Wow, the weather in the afternoon today was perfect for running. It felt like an early summer morning. Summer seems so long ago. Many, many miles ago. But Mother Nature has been nice the last few days. All sunny days, all temperatures in the middle to upper 60s. Not bad, not bad. I see that I just passed 125 hours of running for the year. That's equal to 5.2 days of straight running. And I have 72 days left in the year to run about 140 miles. I know I can do this. I'm going to keep pounding out the miles while the temperatures are doable, and hopefully have enough in the tank to finish mile number one thousand in ice cold winter.

Current yearly stats:

Runs: 207
Distance: 860.43 miles
Total Time: 125h 39m 30s
Avg Distance Per Run: 4.16 miles
Total Calories: 118,277
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Avg Pace: 8:46 min/mile

Days Left in Year: 72
Miles Left in Year: 139.57 miles
Daily Average Needed: 1.94 miles