Young Children Books

All About the Sun is a cute science book for children ages 6 to 12. It features over twenty full color illustrations surrounded by neat facts about our nearest and dearest star - our sun. The entire book was written and illustrated by my daughter, Hazel. All About the Sun is available on Kindle.

Just Be Yourself, Zap is a delightful children's book about Zap trying to make some friends at a new school. Will Zap regret ignoring his mother's advice of "just be yourself" or will the school children be impressed when Zap pretends to be someone he's not? There are 32 illustrations and over 450 words. Just Be Yourself, Zap is available on Kindle.

Simple Series Anthology is a collection of all six children's books in my Simple Series. It is almost 100 pages full of beautiful and interesting illustrations and photographs to help teach your children about animals, fruits, numbers, monsters, shapes, and opposites. Simple Series Anthology is available on Kindle.

The 12 Days of Fishing is a fun variation on the 12 Days of Christmas song and filled with nice silhouette drawings. Fun to read or sing aloud with your children. The 12 Days of Fishing is available on Kindle.