Adult Books

Henry Sloan is a short story of 4,300 words written for adults. Driven by past memories, Henry returns to his old church to make things right. Henry Sloan is available on Kindle.

Incubators is a horror short story of 3,200 words. Stranded in space, three astronauts struggle to accept their fate aboard a crippled ship. Could a last-minute rescue be all they hoped for? Incubators is available on Kindle.

Running My Loop: 31 Days of Unfiltered Thoughts and Observations While Pushing Myself for a Half-Marathon PR is story of Manley's quest to beat his half-marathon PR on the last day of July 2017. Each day presents something new or unexpected as he navigates mental and physical challenges running around his gravel loop while avoiding steaming piles of bear poop and flocks of turkeys in rural Wisconsin. Running My Loop is available on Kindle and Paperback.

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