Sunday, August 27, 2017

88 Days - Final Running Stats

Here are my totals for the 88 days in a row that I went outside and ran in northwestern Wisconsin between May 30 and August 25. I'm sad but relieved that my streak is over. I am also proud of what I accomplished. It was only a matter of time for it to end, though. We are already in late August, and the days are shorter, colder, and wetter. I will take this opportunity to let my hips, knees, and feet heal up. I still have some yearly running goals that I want to go get yet.

Final Running Streak Stats:

Runs: 88
Distance: 414.77 mi
Total Time: 59h 33m 23s
Avg Distance: 4.71 miles
Total Calories: 56,986
Avg Speed: 7.0 mph
Avg Pace: 8:37 min/mile

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