Sunday, August 20, 2017

83 Days and Counting

I ran a 10K this morning. It is my 83rd day in a row of running some kind of distance. My streak started on May 30th, and I've accumulated 397.21 miles, averaging 4.79 miles per day, since then. I am shooting for at least 100 days in a row. This year will be my biggest running year ever, by far. I feel like I've been making good positive progress as these days pile up, although recently I've been injured more than I care to think about. And the parts that are injured are the parts I need to run. If it was a paper cut on my finger or eyelash stuck in my eye or mosquito bite on my nose, I could probably deal with the annoyance easier. But, alas, it is random, sharp pain in my hamstrings and groin tendon area and hip joints that usually settles into a perpetual dull ache in the respective region. Nevertheless, I plan to keep running daily as long as I can. Only 17 more days to 100.

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