Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017 Goal - Day 30 Update - Goal Completed

Mission accomplished. My June 2017 goal is complete and in the books. I ran every single day, 30 days in a row. 26 days were 4 Milers. 4 days were 10Ks. Some days felt easy. Some days were a real slog. Some days I didn't want to run. Other days, I wanted to run but the weather was so bad that it was a chore to just go outside. In the end, as that last mile was completed, I felt like Clark Griswold in the last scene of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. He summed up that feeling of accomplishment with three little words: "I did it."

Final stats:

Runs: 30
Distance: 128.97 miles
Total Time: 18h 3m 35s
Avg Distance: 4.30 miles
Total Calories: 17,759
Avg Speed: 7.1 mph

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trashed - Graphic Novel by Derf Backderf

I finished a great graphic novel yesterday. It is really unique (just like the author's name). Trashed, written by Derf Backderf is both amazing and depressing at the same time. The author/illustrator tells a great fictional story, partially based upon his time working as a garbageman, and throws in lot of exceptional facts and diagrams about real-life garbage in our world. The artwork is very detailed and magnificently laid out. The blunt truth and current state of our entire garbage collection system really made me think about the multitude of garbage, abysmal recycling record, and the throw away culture we live in. Change starts with a single person. Thank you, Derf. I absolutely recommend this book.

June 2017 Goal - Day 25 Update

25 days down, 5 days to go in June. I can sense the end is near. Time to keep powering through. Over the last 5 days, I set a new 1 Mile PR and ran my third fastest 10K ever.

Current status of monthly goal:

Runs: 25
Distance: 108.94 miles
Total Time: 15h 18m 38s
Avg Distance: 4.36 miles

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Mile PR

I tried to run a fast first mile of my four mile run today with the intention of trying to break my one mile PR. My record was 6m 34s. And I was successful. My new one mile PR is 6m 31s.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 2017 Goal - Day 20 Update

I'm still making good progress on my June goal of averaging a 4 Miler every single day. 20 days down, 10 days to go. I am 6.71 miles ahead of my total miles due to a few 10K runs randomly thrown in, so that is a good buffer. I also plan to try for my 1 Mile PR in a few days, if the weather holds up. My current 1 Mile PR is 6m 34s.

Current status of goal:

Runs: 20
Distance: 86.71 miles
Total Time: 12h 14m 22s
Avg Distance: 4.34 miles

Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 2017 Goal - Day 15 Update

The halfway point is upon me. And I haven't missed a day yet. I owe that to good luck, early morning running, and being flexible. Out of the 15 days, I have run two 10Ks, which accounts for the extra 4 miles.

Current status of goal:

Runs: 15
Distance: 64.48 miles
Total Time: 9h 5m 3s
Avg Distance: 4.30 miles

Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 2017 Goal - Day 10 Update

The last two days have felt good. I did those runs in the morning when the wind was blowing and the temperature was in the middle 60s. That made them much easier than running in the afternoon with sun beating down and temperatures in the 80s.

Current status of goal:

Runs: 10
Distance: 42.25 miles
Total Time: 5h 56m 38s
Avg Distance: 4.22 miles

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 2017 Goal - Day 5 Update

Okay, the weather has been nice. I've had time to run. And for five out of five days, I have completed at least a four mile run. On one day, I did a 10K, but all the others have just been straight four milers. So, as of June 5th, I am on track to meet my goal. That makes me feel good.

Runs: 5
Distance: 22.23 miles
Total Time: 3h 6m 3s
Avg Distance: 4.45 miles