Sunday, April 17, 2016

Batman 1966 - Enough Said

We've been watching random episodes of Batman 1966 (TV series) for the last year. I can't remember which episode we watched first, but I remember my initial reaction going something like this:

"What the...? Batman would never say that. Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. This is so stupid. That's the villain? Oh my gosh...this can't get any worse. Oh, I guess it can. Wow. I'm speechless. Just get him. He's right there. Quit talking to the bad guy. Just punch him. What do the police even do in this show? They call Batman for everything!"

But we hung in there and watched a few more episodes. And then something amazing happened. The magic of the show - the crazy plots, ridiculous villains, and zany dialogue - it suddenly made sense in some strange way. Each episode made us laugh. Instead of laughing at the show. We were laughing with the show.

Now, we thoroughly enjoy watching each episode. We haven't finished the series yet, so the magic is still out there.

If you haven't discovered this show yet, give it a chance and let it grow on you.