Saturday, February 28, 2015

Alfred Bester - Excellent Author, Excellent Stories

With my limited free time, I usually play it safe and pick authors I've read before when choosing my next book. However, after reading some positive things about Alfred Bester's works in an internet article, I decided to take a chance on his book, "The Stars My Destination."

Long story short - I loved it. Interesting characters, exciting plots, and Bester's command of language and story-telling ability really shines. If you want to see risks taken in the way stories are presented to you or unique attempts at making the words jump off the page, you should try Alfred Bester's science fiction stories.

I'm also currently reading The Demolished Man and his short stories collection Virtual Unrealities. Both are good so far with his short story collection having some excellent little treasures. I haven't really read anything else quite like these. I think you'll be surprised if you give them a chance. Definitely recommended.