Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Running

I have logged about 12 miles running this year so far. This winter has been so cold and miserable that it has been impossible to get outside (and want to stay outside) for any length of time. This past week has finally started to warm up, so going outside was tolerable. I ran a few 5Ks near my house. I could definitely tell a difference in my body between now and last year. So, I have some work to put in to get back to how good I felt at the end of last year's running season. It will be a small struggle to get back into a running routine after so many cold, dark months of winter, but I am also looking forward to the challenge. The warm weather will be here soon - which means I won't need to wear 4 shirts, 4 pants, and 3 pairs of socks just to survive the elements.

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