Monday, August 27, 2012

Simple Series Anthology

Simple Series Anthology is an awesome collection of six children's books. It combines all the wonderful pictures and basic concepts of Simple Animals, Simple Numbers, Simple Shapes, Simple Fruits, Simple Monsters, and Simple Opposites into one easy to use book to share with young children.

Book 1: Simple Animals features sixteen drawings of animals such as a cow, a bat, and a squid along with rhyming phrases.

Book 2: Simple Numbers has eleven drawings of the numbers zero through ten along with cute comments.

Book 3: Simple Shapes has sixteen drawings of a variety of shapes including a circle, square, and pyramid along with easy facts.

Book 4: Simple Fruits has twelve original drawings of a variety of familiar fruits including an apple, banana, and pear, along with some fun facts.

Book 5: Simple Monsters has twelve original illustrations of silly monsters and each is accompanied by a funny verse similar to the literary nonsense of Lewis Carroll.

Book 6: Simple Opposites has twenty beautiful photographs depicting ten pairs of opposite words.

It is almost 100 pages full of beautiful and interesting illustrations and photographs to help teach your children about animals, fruits, numbers, monsters, shapes, and opposites. Simple Series Anthology is available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

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