Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Recent Reviews for Bloated Goat

I always feel so lucky when Bloated Goat receives reviews. I know I'm just one author out of millions in the world, but I do feel special when people take the time to write gracious words about my stories. Here are two recent reviews of Bloated Goat that made me smile:

1. By Nicole MacDonald: "I LOVED this story! The best laugh I've had for .99c period. I don't know if this book could be fully appreciated by a child without an adult helping them. I do however think this would be a truly awesome book for English teachers to use in aiding them for teaching kids a variety of writing techniques. I absolutely HAVE to insist you read the sample chapter!! I've been driving my husband nuts for the last few nights I read this due to all my shrieking and cackling at it. It's a fantastically ridiculous adventure and the author has great fun mocking the heck out of those writing 'rules' we love to hate. This book doesn't pretend to be anymore than what it is and utterly succeeds in its goal. Or rather, by the end of this book (and through out it) I was ROTFLMAO ; p 

It hit every note for me and I give it 5 stars. Trust me, read the sample chapter you'll be hitting the one click button by the time you finish it ' This is a short, sweet and down right hilarious story. Bravo to the author!"

2. By Jaidis Shaw: "Who knew a book with the title Bloated Goat could be so hilarious! Written for grades 8 and up, Bloated Goat by Manley Peterson is a giggle inducing ride from start to finish. When Cocky Doodle's friend, Bloated Goat, is found in a ditch with Xs for eyes, Cocky is heart-broken. In an attempt to make things right, Cocky asks Granny Hammy to help him take Bloated Goat back to his homeland for a proper burial. To thicken the plot, Mr. Peterson has thrown in some very unique characters, who happen to want Bloated Goat for various reasons. A nearly blind skunk steals Bloated Goat and marries him because of his aroma. A rat pack wants Bloated Goat as their prized possession. Not to mention some partying elephants bring to light the questions of why did the chicken cross the road. With each page I found myself laughing more and more. I don't know if it was my lack of sleep, or maybe just my warped sense of humor (which is the direction I'm leaning in) but this book is one that I will enjoy reading to my daughter. If you are anything like me and love hearing your child squeal in delight, then reading them Bloated Goat is definitely the way to go! Like all great children's books, Bloated Goat ends on a happy note. I am only left with two questions. My first is if there are plans to make this into a print version? I would love to see a print edition with pictures added to make reading it even more enjoyable. My second is, where does one go to find an abominable snow kitten? :)"

So, thanks again to everyone who leaves reviews. I appreciate your time and thoughts.

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